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Rafael Nadal vs Feliciano Lopez – Tennis Betting Tips

The supreme tennis Ace from Spain has been suffering with some semi-serious illness as of late and he has been adviced to not participate in this tournament and rather let the infection ride itself out. (Read more here) He have been on antibiotics and have missed practice for some time, but he is set on fighting for the title here and go deep. Luckily for him he does not have to start until Wednesday, which he claimed is the reason he actually went ahead and showed up.

Feliciano Lopez is another solid spanish tennis player competing, but he is not battling with any problematic illnesses. He have been doing great work earlier and have ran deep in the Shanghai tournament some time before (semi final in 2009). He have had a good season so far and claimed a solid 2-1 victory over the australian Kokkinakis earlier in the tournament.

Nadal is off course the better player of these two and of their earlier meets Nadal leads 9-2. The only times he have had troubles with Lopez is on hard courts, and that is exactly what they are playing on now. Lopez is a serving specialist and can give him trouble if he is not in top form, and we now know that he isn’t feeling well at all.

Lopez will likely not go all the way, but here we like him to take out Nadal early. We will play him with a handicap as well to feel even more secure, but if you are in a gambling mood you can take him straight up as well. Our thoughts is that Nadal might take it easy now, but still fight for a victory and thus let him in the game somewhat.

Our Predictions: Feliciano Lopez (+3.5) to win (Odds are 2.00 @ BetVictor)

Wimbledon 2014 Preview

It is less than a week untill the biggest Grand Slam tournament of the year is about to go down, namely Wimbledon. This year is bound to be as exciting as ever as it is big competition at the top and it seems to be anyones claim for the trophy. Big names like Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Murray and others are expected to have great chances of taking it. Some up and coming players should not be ruled out either as the likes of Wawrinka, Dimitrov, Berdych, Ferrer, Isner and others are no walkover matches for the top players. It is anyones game, but we have done some analysis and come up with our favorites and outright bets before the tournament starts.

Andy Murray

The Brit won his first Wimbledon title last year when he beat this years favorite, Novak Djokovic. Murray has grown into an elite player over the last years and thus a contender for the Grand Slam title as well.

Murray hasn’t gotten the best start going into this years Wimbledon as he went out in round two of the ATP Queens tournament. He has always struggled performing at a stable level and handling the pressure that comes with competing at the top. Coming in as the defending champion should not help alleviate any kind of pressure and it is gonna be exciting to see how he handles it this time. I have my doubts whether he can or not, but if he does he has a legitimate shot at the title again.

Roger Federer

He won his last Grand Slam tournament back in 2012, which happened to be the Wimbledon tournament. Many experts has claimed that Federer has won his last Grand Slam tournament and is getting too old, but I do not agree with this sentiment. He still has some gas left in him and if he is to win another Grand Slam he needs to do it at Wimbledon as grass is the turf he feels most comfortable with.

The swiss tennis player showed excellent play during the tournament in Halle and took home the tournament for the seventh time. Last year Federer went out in the second round quite surprisingly as his opponent played an amazing match. He will, as he has always been, be a force to be reckoned with and will pull to get to the top. He has done a very good job working on his form and volley play and coming into this looks to be in very good shape.

Other Contenders

The obvious favorites to this tournament are Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. But the odds on the Serbian is too low for us to consider at 2.75 (odds at TitanBet) and the Spaniard does not favor the grass turf and we do not like the odds at 6.25 (odds at 5Dimes).

The other contenders are not anyone we foresee have any chance of going all the way and the odds are too low to take a chance of the off chance happening. Maybe a longshot bet on Berdych at 51 in odds at Pinnacle Sports could be worth it, but it would be for a small sum anyways. Our two main bets have already been made up.

Our Predictions:
Andy Murray to win Wimbledon 2014 (Odds are 5.31 @ Pinnacle Sports)
Roger Federer to win Wimbledon 2014 (Odds are 7.00 @ TitanBet)

Radek Stepanek vs Bernard Tomic – Tennis Betting Tips

Stepanek had an easy game in the first stage winning 6-1 and 6-4. But there is long since the last time this veteran has won anything worth mentioning. He got to the final in this tournament about nine years ago, but has since struggled. Here he looks sharp and might have a chance to go all the way.

Tomic also finally managed to get to the second stage in a tournament after much trouble with his father and coach, but not after he had to go the full length against Tim Smyczek from the US. After looking comfortable in the first set winning 6-3, but Smyczek gave him a good run for the money breaking him in the 4th game in the second set. Although he had to go the full length, Tomic must be feeling confident after getting a win after all the injuries and other off-court stuff going on.

These two have met before, and Stepanek has gotten the better of the Australian in both bouts, but those were both on gravel. This time it is on grass and Tomic is considered a much better grass player. Stepanek is the veteran and considered the tiny favourite here, but I believe we will see a very close match. If Tomic gets in his rhythm he can easily take this. Therefore I recommend a bet on him for the value this odds offers.

Our Predictions: Bernard Tomic to win (Odds are 2.40 @ BetVictor)

Philipp Kohlschreiber vs Mate Delic – Tennis Betting Tips

The german player Kohlschreiber has something great going on and showed some prowess last week when playing in Rome. He managed to take a set off of Djokovic and took a convincing victory over Gabashvili. Although he is not quite at the top, he is a favorite to be able to take the trophy at home now and are looking to start off well against Delic.

Mate Delic has played good on gravel so far and he obliterated Dustin Brown the round before this. Brown seemed to be completely out of his game though to be fair to him, but Delic played good as well. He is gonna face far tougher opposition this time around when going up against Kohlschreiber.

This is the first time the croatian Delic has reached the third round of an ATP tournament and he is up against competition that far exceeds his skill level. Kohlschreiber should take this quite handsomely so we believe a handicap bet is warranted.

Our Predictions: Philipp Kohlschreiber (-4.5) to win (Odds are 1.80 @ Pinnacle Sports)

Kei Nishikori vs Andrey Golubev – Tennis Betting Tips

The japenese tennis ace Nishikori claimed a strong victory against Bautista the other day where he won it quite comfortably, controlling the match all the way through. His playstyle is quite steamy in that when he picks up pace it is hard for the opposition to follow suit. This is something the spaniard got to experience.

Golubev also had a strong match in his last bout and went on to face Nishikori. The opponent Paire is no weak player, but given that he had been struggling with his knee left us wondering how much he actually were able to put out on the field. After he had been playing really bad in his match he decided to forfeit it because of knee injury.

This match will be played on gravel and Golubev is not strongest on this surface. He likes it fast and hard. Because of this we see that Nishikori might already be set up for a little advantage.

We also do not believe that we have seen enough to impress us. Nishikori has a pretty high skill level and can easily simply outpace his opponent if he decides to get things going. Golubev needs a really good day and stay on top of his game if he is to stand any chance. Therefore we like Nishikori’s chances here!

Our Predictions: Kei Nishikori to win (Odds are 1.22 @ Pinnacle Sports)

Sam Querrey vs Nicolas Almagro – Tennis Betting Tips

It is all set for the semifinals in the ATP Houston 2014 and we have a battle between Sam Querrey and Nicolas Almagro in the first match. The turf is still on gravel.

Querrey hasn’t had the greatest season so far, but this is finally his time to shine when he reached a top 4 spot.

The american beat Dustin Brown 6-4, 6-7 (where they had to play for some time) and 6-3. Querrey took advantage of the mistakes that the german made and Brown didn’t, that was the deciding factor in this close tennis match. He needs to step it up if he wants to have any hopes of getting any further in this tournament.

The spaniard Almagro hasn’t been all that impressive this year either. He prefers playing on gravel though and has been solid this week against Sock and Russel. Both these were beaten quite handidly and we believe that he will continue this good streak.

When these two players have met before Almagro has taken the games quite easily. He has won the last 5 meetings between these, and in the last two meetings on gravel Almagro has completely dominated him taking all the sets.

In this matchup we simply believe that Almagro is the better player and he should have the upper hand here. Querrey needs to give it his very best if he is to have any chance which we don’t see happening anytime soon.

Because of this perceived skill differential we like a handicap bet on Almagro of -1.5 sets. If you want to be more cautious you can get him as a straight up winner as well at 1.27 odds.

Our Predictions: Nicolas Almagro (-1.5) to win (Odds are 1.83 @ Pinnacle Sports)

Benjamin Becker vs Jack Sock – Tennis Betting Tips

The german Becker opened with a strong victory over Ramirez Hidalgo with sets of 6-1, 1-6 and 6-3. Becker serves were quite good and helped carry him through this stage.

Todays opponent is Jack Sock, a 21 year old American, who beat the Croatian Ivo Karlovic with sets of 6-1 and 6-4. This was a horrible match by Karlovic though who didn’t seem to adjust to the turf at all and he who usually is quite good at serving the ball were completely put out of the game. I believe Becker is gonna put up a much bigger fight.

These players have never played each other before and it is gonna be fun to see how they compare up against each other when they face off on gravel in Houston. This is a turf none of these players like very much so its gonna be fun seeing who will grab the longest straw.

Because of this we don’t understand why Sock has so low odds put to his name. He is the better player of the two, but when they are playing at a turf which both of them struggle on and Becker has shown his prowess in his first match and Sock has not, we believe that the German is gonna take advantage of this situation and advance further at the expense of the young american.

If Becker can utilize his strength at serving and play solid, I believe he stand a great chance at winning this match. He is not the favorite, but 3.00 is way too high and warrants a bet at Bet365.

Our Predictions: Benjamin Becker to win (Odds are 3.00 @ Bet365)