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Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks – NHL Betting Tips

We will give the NHL another shot now that they have been going on for some weeks now. Today the Edmonton Oilers are hosting the Vancouver Canucks. The hosts have only won 2 of their last 7 games, while Canucks have 4 wins in the last 7 games. Between these teams Canucks have won the last 5 games where they have met and we believe that the Oilers are looking to change that and get their season back on track.

Although Edmonton sits far down the Conference table and Canucks is high up the difference is only a “mere” 10 points this early in the season. But the form on the other hand is quite another tale. The Oilers have a goal difference of -16 while the Canucks is at +1. Big difference, but maybe this is because of the schedule and teams they have been facing? Not exactly as the strength of the teams have actually been in favor of the Oilers.

In addition to have every statistics and form curve going in their favor, the Vancouver Canucks is also coming off a few days more of rest than their opponents. The only thing that is going right for the Oilers in this bout is that they are playing at home. We do not foresee this being enough and have them as the underdogs by a clear margin in this match.

Our Predictions: Vancouver Canucks to win (Odds are 1.74 @ Bet365)

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers – NHL Betting Tips

A lot of big events are happening around the world, but in the US this is the one thing that most sports fans are looking forward to: the Stanley Cup finals! Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers have both fought their way to the finals and its gonna be an exciting set of games coming up. The first game of the series is set in the Staples Center, Kings home ground.

New York Rangers has done good getting to the finals, but I have to say they have been somewhat lucky. First off they meet a weak Philadelphia Flyers team that has had a horrible defence this season. Next up were Pittsburgh Penguins without their star player Fleury. Finally they faced off against Canadiens that had to play without their starting goalie Carey Price. By all means, the Rangers team is quite strong, but they are facing probably the toughest team they have faced yet in the playoffs. We do not expect this team to put up the most points so if they want to keep up they are relying on Henrik Lundqvist to play his very best which he is known to do, but he may sway from his top as we saw against the Canadiens.

Los Angeles Kings has this cup in their grasp. They are the best team, they are riding a wave of big momentum. Have probably the best goalie in the league, great defence and a furious offence. It is gonna be hard for New York Rangers to keep up here. On their way to the finals they have knocked out Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks and last years winners Chicago Blackhawks. And all of this were done in the last game of the series away. What a ride!

Although Kings are coming of less rest than the New Yorkers we believe that having the home field advantage and still steaming after some great games this game is still in their hands. If they can keep up this great a defence and still have an offence that scores at this rate this series is not gonna go much further than the 4th game we predict. Let us hope it gets more exciting than we predict it will!

Our Predictions: Los Angeles Kings to win (Odds are 2.05 @ TitanBet)

Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers – NHL Betting Tips

Both of the teams surprised us in the first game. New York Rangers played out of their minds and exploited every chance of power play to the fullest. Rick Nash also started to play like he used to and showed prowess by scoring.

The Canadiens also surprised us – by just how bad they actually could play. And this was in all parts of their game. Nothing seemed to click and they lost 2-7, which was well deserved.

We believe that we will witness a totally different hockey game tonight. As for what goalies are concerned Montreal looks like they have to be without their starting goalie Carey Price who got injured in last game. He has played well up untill the last game so maybe it might be good to make a change? Lundqvist on the other hand has played even better than his usual self and is ready to protect the goal this game as well.

This game is must wing for the Canadiens. If they start out 0-2 at home they are just about out of the playoffs. This should spark a huge boost in motivation and we will see them trigger on all cylinders. Even with their starting goalie out we believe that the Canadiens will prevail and take back a game in this series.

Our Predictions: Montreal Canadiens to win (Odds are 2.54 @ Bet365)

San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings – NHL Betting Tips

It is time for the playoffs and the second place finishers in the Pacific divison, San Jose Sharks, is hosting the third place finishers from the same division, Los Angeles Kings, in the first of possible seven matches in this playoff match. We are looking at two vastly different teams here, but also two that are playing closely in the matchup.

Sharks have a great team starting with their solid and tough offence. They have both the speed and the toughness to really duke it out on the edges and make things happen. Thornton and Marleau are making things happen up front and are supporte by players like Couture and Burns. They are lacking in depth though, but this first line is pretty fierce.

Defensive they are also quite good with the veteran Boyle, but he is starting to look sluggish in our opinion. They are lukcy they are facing the tempered and easy-going team from Los Angeles which would probably fit the backfield better. Vlasic will off course try to make up for this lack of speed as he looks like a complete back from our point of view.

As for the Kings we have a team that strangely enough advanced to the playoffs, while at the same time finishing the season with the fifth lowest scoring rate. The reason they did this is that they also have the lowest allowed scoring rate in the league. Their playing style is simply so laidback and methodical that you wouldn’t believe. I have trouble foreseeing them taking it all the way, but it is an interesting approach to the game.

They never seem to fully go on the offence and are always leaving their third man at the back so as to never be overpowered on the counter attack. This has lead them to shutting out the offensive players of many teams and will probably frustrate this Sharks team as well.

We believe that the low scoring and low scores allowed favors a under bet here. The speed of the Sharks attacking side is not enough to break through this stout defence and we are not likely to see a high scoring game. Bet the under!

Our Predictions: Under 5 goals to be scored (Odds are 1.73 @ Bet365)

Buffalo Sabres vs New York Islanders – NHL Betting Tips

The Buffalo Sabres has fought valiantly in their latest matches, but haven’t come up with many points. They are now on a six game losing streak and 17(!) of the last 19 games. Their form is simply atrocious.

The team is filled with talented and solid players, but they have been plagued with injuries and this has made their season quite horrific to watch as of late. Before their game against the Islanders they are looking at even more players ending up on the injury reserved list. To paint a picture of how bad it is: they are now resorting to their 4th string goalie. Hackett is far from NHL level of play as he wasn’t even a regular in the AHL.

The Islanders, like the Sabres, are out of any kind of playoff picture, but unlike Buffalo they have actually been playing some good hockey as of late. They have been trying out some rookies here and there with great success. It does not seem like they are missing any of their great starters.

New York Islanders is on a winning streak right now and have a 16-5-2 record in away games. They have solid power-play efficiency and their first and second string of players are quite strong.

This team plays fast and without any respect for the other team, just like you want to see from the up and comers. It should make for an exciting match seeing a lot of youngsters butting heads, but one of the teams have somewhat proven themselves while the other holds talent that is too far from the level of the NHL.

Note: This match got underway while I did the research and the writeup, so Sabres is in the lead right now, but I feel confident the Islanders is gonna take this. We are gonna bet on them doing their thing!

Our Predictions: New York Islanders to win (Odds are 4.00 @ Bet365)

Dallas Stars vs St. Louis Blues – NHL Betting Tips

It finally looks like Dallas Stars might be able to make it to playoffs after a 6 year drought. Not since Mike Modano have they been able to pull that off and are probably thirsty for another run at the Stanley Cup trophy.

With a victory in tonights match they will be in and it comes as no surprise after how their top players have been performing as of late. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. They are both in the top 10 for points created and that says all about how important these players are for the team right now.

They did lose their last match against the Blue Jackets 1-3, but Benn and Seguin both had some spark of brilliant play and managed to secure more points when they got a goal in power play. The team needs to, and we believe they will, rise up against this defeat and get that last win needed to get to the playoffs.

Althought Blues is considered one of the top teams in the league, the last two weeks have seen them completely bomb. The latest strike were against Minnesota last night where they took a 2-4 beating which sits them at a streak of 2-5 in their last 7 matches in the NHL.

They lost TJ Oshie as well as David Backes so they are missing key personell untill the playoffs. They have been conceding a lot of goals and not been able to put them up temselves. The team looks really unmotivated to play the last set of games before the playoffs, and we can understand why. The Blues are secured a high spot in the playoffs and will not be risking their best players with season ending injuries when they have nothing to play for.

If this were a regular match you would find that the Blues would be the huge favorite here, but given that they play without passion, have no motivation and are lackin personell you can be quite certain they will look to rest their players against a team that is fighting with teeth and claws for their playoff spot.

Our Predictions: Dallas Stars to win (Odds are 2.60 @ Bet365)