France vs Germany – World Cup 2014 Betting Tips

We are getting closer and closer to the big event at Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, but first the quarter- and semifinals needs to be concluded, and tomorrow we are starting out with a big one. Two of the biggest european soccer nations are going to duke it out for a chance at the semifinal spot. Both of these teams have shown quite a high level of play, but also some low levels. France’s match against Nigeria weren’t all that impressive, and neither were Germany’s win over Algeria. But the European teams prevailed and are gonna play each other tomorrow.

Now, our bet is a little out of the ordinary. This time we are basing it on something subjective and a part that is somewhat hard to quantify. A few hours ago BBC announced the fact that some of the German players have been struck by the flu. They were complaining about sore throats and a little aching, but they could finish their scheduled practice. No names were revealed, but it is believed to affect about 7 of them.

This does not mean that Germany is totally out of it, but if some of the players have been weakened to the point that they cannot participate or play to their full strength that might be just enough to make the favor moves to France’s side. Since we already believe that France has an amazing high octane offense that could easily overcome Germany we like the bet on them even more now. Given the news we are going to bet with even more confidence and we recommend that you do just the same!

Our Predictions: France to win (Odds are 3.10 @ BetVictor)

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