Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks – NHL Betting Tips

We will give the NHL another shot now that they have been going on for some weeks now. Today the Edmonton Oilers are hosting the Vancouver Canucks. The hosts have only won 2 of their last 7 games, while Canucks have 4 wins in the last 7 games. Between these teams Canucks have won the last 5 games where they have met and we believe that the Oilers are looking to change that and get their season back on track.

Although Edmonton sits far down the Conference table and Canucks is high up the difference is only a “mere” 10 points this early in the season. But the form on the other hand is quite another tale. The Oilers have a goal difference of -16 while the Canucks is at +1. Big difference, but maybe this is because of the schedule and teams they have been facing? Not exactly as the strength of the teams have actually been in favor of the Oilers.

In addition to have every statistics and form curve going in their favor, the Vancouver Canucks is also coming off a few days more of rest than their opponents. The only thing that is going right for the Oilers in this bout is that they are playing at home. We do not foresee this being enough and have them as the underdogs by a clear margin in this match.

Our Predictions: Vancouver Canucks to win (Odds are 1.74 @ Bet365)

Rafael Nadal vs Feliciano Lopez – Tennis Betting Tips

The supreme tennis Ace from Spain has been suffering with some semi-serious illness as of late and he has been adviced to not participate in this tournament and rather let the infection ride itself out. (Read more here) He have been on antibiotics and have missed practice for some time, but he is set on fighting for the title here and go deep. Luckily for him he does not have to start until Wednesday, which he claimed is the reason he actually went ahead and showed up.

Feliciano Lopez is another solid spanish tennis player competing, but he is not battling with any problematic illnesses. He have been doing great work earlier and have ran deep in the Shanghai tournament some time before (semi final in 2009). He have had a good season so far and claimed a solid 2-1 victory over the australian Kokkinakis earlier in the tournament.

Nadal is off course the better player of these two and of their earlier meets Nadal leads 9-2. The only times he have had troubles with Lopez is on hard courts, and that is exactly what they are playing on now. Lopez is a serving specialist and can give him trouble if he is not in top form, and we now know that he isn’t feeling well at all.

Lopez will likely not go all the way, but here we like him to take out Nadal early. We will play him with a handicap as well to feel even more secure, but if you are in a gambling mood you can take him straight up as well. Our thoughts is that Nadal might take it easy now, but still fight for a victory and thus let him in the game somewhat.

Our Predictions: Feliciano Lopez (+3.5) to win (Odds are 2.00 @ BetVictor)

Maribor vs Celtic – Soccer Betting Tips

Everybody that follows soccer, or even sports have probably been made aware of the spectacle that were created after Legia Warsaw dominated Celtic over two matches in qualifying for the Champions League, but then were stripped of their win and place in the final qualifying match because they used an ineligible player for the last 3 minutes of the last match. Foolish by Legia Warsaw, yes, but far too harsh a punishment in my opinion. I think they ought to judge these matters on a case by case basis, and given that this had no bearing on the result should count for something.

Anyways, Celtic is now playing for a spot in the Champions League and they are gonna have to show up with some better football than they did against Warsaw if they are going to have any hopes of advancing. Maribor have been playing exceptionally well in their home league in Slovenia winning all 3 of their games so far and beating Gorica 4-1 in the supercup. They are really riding high and barely missed the Champions League last year. In the Europa League they showed good display off football and they are now looking to go further. Their home crowd is enthusiastic which should help them even further and the team here is not worse than Legia by no stretch.

Celtic were playing very weak in their matches against Legia and it seems their new coach Ronny Deila have not quite found the play style that is right for the team as of yet. It has gotten better as he nabbed a 3-0 victory at the start of the season, but this league is quite weak and is not what counts for its supporters. They want – no, rather need the participation of this big league. Deila needs to get their defence in order and make the necessary adjustments or else they are going to be in for another humiliating defeat. We like the Slovenian side here to get going with a good result.

Our Predictions: Maribor to win (Odds are 2.88 @ Bet365)

France vs Germany – World Cup 2014 Betting Tips

We are getting closer and closer to the big event at Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, but first the quarter- and semifinals needs to be concluded, and tomorrow we are starting out with a big one. Two of the biggest european soccer nations are going to duke it out for a chance at the semifinal spot. Both of these teams have shown quite a high level of play, but also some low levels. France’s match against Nigeria weren’t all that impressive, and neither were Germany’s win over Algeria. But the European teams prevailed and are gonna play each other tomorrow.

Now, our bet is a little out of the ordinary. This time we are basing it on something subjective and a part that is somewhat hard to quantify. A few hours ago BBC announced the fact that some of the German players have been struck by the flu. They were complaining about sore throats and a little aching, but they could finish their scheduled practice. No names were revealed, but it is believed to affect about 7 of them.

This does not mean that Germany is totally out of it, but if some of the players have been weakened to the point that they cannot participate or play to their full strength that might be just enough to make the favor moves to France’s side. Since we already believe that France has an amazing high octane offense that could easily overcome Germany we like the bet on them even more now. Given the news we are going to bet with even more confidence and we recommend that you do just the same!

Our Predictions: France to win (Odds are 3.10 @ BetVictor)

Wimbledon 2014 Preview

It is less than a week untill the biggest Grand Slam tournament of the year is about to go down, namely Wimbledon. This year is bound to be as exciting as ever as it is big competition at the top and it seems to be anyones claim for the trophy. Big names like Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Murray and others are expected to have great chances of taking it. Some up and coming players should not be ruled out either as the likes of Wawrinka, Dimitrov, Berdych, Ferrer, Isner and others are no walkover matches for the top players. It is anyones game, but we have done some analysis and come up with our favorites and outright bets before the tournament starts.

Andy Murray

The Brit won his first Wimbledon title last year when he beat this years favorite, Novak Djokovic. Murray has grown into an elite player over the last years and thus a contender for the Grand Slam title as well.

Murray hasn’t gotten the best start going into this years Wimbledon as he went out in round two of the ATP Queens tournament. He has always struggled performing at a stable level and handling the pressure that comes with competing at the top. Coming in as the defending champion should not help alleviate any kind of pressure and it is gonna be exciting to see how he handles it this time. I have my doubts whether he can or not, but if he does he has a legitimate shot at the title again.

Roger Federer

He won his last Grand Slam tournament back in 2012, which happened to be the Wimbledon tournament. Many experts has claimed that Federer has won his last Grand Slam tournament and is getting too old, but I do not agree with this sentiment. He still has some gas left in him and if he is to win another Grand Slam he needs to do it at Wimbledon as grass is the turf he feels most comfortable with.

The swiss tennis player showed excellent play during the tournament in Halle and took home the tournament for the seventh time. Last year Federer went out in the second round quite surprisingly as his opponent played an amazing match. He will, as he has always been, be a force to be reckoned with and will pull to get to the top. He has done a very good job working on his form and volley play and coming into this looks to be in very good shape.

Other Contenders

The obvious favorites to this tournament are Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. But the odds on the Serbian is too low for us to consider at 2.75 (odds at TitanBet) and the Spaniard does not favor the grass turf and we do not like the odds at 6.25 (odds at 5Dimes).

The other contenders are not anyone we foresee have any chance of going all the way and the odds are too low to take a chance of the off chance happening. Maybe a longshot bet on Berdych at 51 in odds at Pinnacle Sports could be worth it, but it would be for a small sum anyways. Our two main bets have already been made up.

Our Predictions:
Andy Murray to win Wimbledon 2014 (Odds are 5.31 @ Pinnacle Sports)
Roger Federer to win Wimbledon 2014 (Odds are 7.00 @ TitanBet)

Radek Stepanek vs Bernard Tomic – Tennis Betting Tips

Stepanek had an easy game in the first stage winning 6-1 and 6-4. But there is long since the last time this veteran has won anything worth mentioning. He got to the final in this tournament about nine years ago, but has since struggled. Here he looks sharp and might have a chance to go all the way.

Tomic also finally managed to get to the second stage in a tournament after much trouble with his father and coach, but not after he had to go the full length against Tim Smyczek from the US. After looking comfortable in the first set winning 6-3, but Smyczek gave him a good run for the money breaking him in the 4th game in the second set. Although he had to go the full length, Tomic must be feeling confident after getting a win after all the injuries and other off-court stuff going on.

These two have met before, and Stepanek has gotten the better of the Australian in both bouts, but those were both on gravel. This time it is on grass and Tomic is considered a much better grass player. Stepanek is the veteran and considered the tiny favourite here, but I believe we will see a very close match. If Tomic gets in his rhythm he can easily take this. Therefore I recommend a bet on him for the value this odds offers.

Our Predictions: Bernard Tomic to win (Odds are 2.40 @ BetVictor)

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers – NHL Betting Tips

A lot of big events are happening around the world, but in the US this is the one thing that most sports fans are looking forward to: the Stanley Cup finals! Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers have both fought their way to the finals and its gonna be an exciting set of games coming up. The first game of the series is set in the Staples Center, Kings home ground.

New York Rangers has done good getting to the finals, but I have to say they have been somewhat lucky. First off they meet a weak Philadelphia Flyers team that has had a horrible defence this season. Next up were Pittsburgh Penguins without their star player Fleury. Finally they faced off against Canadiens that had to play without their starting goalie Carey Price. By all means, the Rangers team is quite strong, but they are facing probably the toughest team they have faced yet in the playoffs. We do not expect this team to put up the most points so if they want to keep up they are relying on Henrik Lundqvist to play his very best which he is known to do, but he may sway from his top as we saw against the Canadiens.

Los Angeles Kings has this cup in their grasp. They are the best team, they are riding a wave of big momentum. Have probably the best goalie in the league, great defence and a furious offence. It is gonna be hard for New York Rangers to keep up here. On their way to the finals they have knocked out Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks and last years winners Chicago Blackhawks. And all of this were done in the last game of the series away. What a ride!

Although Kings are coming of less rest than the New Yorkers we believe that having the home field advantage and still steaming after some great games this game is still in their hands. If they can keep up this great a defence and still have an offence that scores at this rate this series is not gonna go much further than the 4th game we predict. Let us hope it gets more exciting than we predict it will!

Our Predictions: Los Angeles Kings to win (Odds are 2.05 @ TitanBet)

Philipp Kohlschreiber vs Mate Delic – Tennis Betting Tips

The german player Kohlschreiber has something great going on and showed some prowess last week when playing in Rome. He managed to take a set off of Djokovic and took a convincing victory over Gabashvili. Although he is not quite at the top, he is a favorite to be able to take the trophy at home now and are looking to start off well against Delic.

Mate Delic has played good on gravel so far and he obliterated Dustin Brown the round before this. Brown seemed to be completely out of his game though to be fair to him, but Delic played good as well. He is gonna face far tougher opposition this time around when going up against Kohlschreiber.

This is the first time the croatian Delic has reached the third round of an ATP tournament and he is up against competition that far exceeds his skill level. Kohlschreiber should take this quite handsomely so we believe a handicap bet is warranted.

Our Predictions: Philipp Kohlschreiber (-4.5) to win (Odds are 1.80 @ Pinnacle Sports)

Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers – NHL Betting Tips

Both of the teams surprised us in the first game. New York Rangers played out of their minds and exploited every chance of power play to the fullest. Rick Nash also started to play like he used to and showed prowess by scoring.

The Canadiens also surprised us – by just how bad they actually could play. And this was in all parts of their game. Nothing seemed to click and they lost 2-7, which was well deserved.

We believe that we will witness a totally different hockey game tonight. As for what goalies are concerned Montreal looks like they have to be without their starting goalie Carey Price who got injured in last game. He has played well up untill the last game so maybe it might be good to make a change? Lundqvist on the other hand has played even better than his usual self and is ready to protect the goal this game as well.

This game is must wing for the Canadiens. If they start out 0-2 at home they are just about out of the playoffs. This should spark a huge boost in motivation and we will see them trigger on all cylinders. Even with their starting goalie out we believe that the Canadiens will prevail and take back a game in this series.

Our Predictions: Montreal Canadiens to win (Odds are 2.54 @ Bet365)

Barcelona vs Rhein Neckar Löwen – Handball Betting Tips

A big match coming up in the handball Champions League. Barcelona is taking on the german team from Mannheim Rhein Neckar Löwen in a must win match. And a big win is needed as Barcelona lost 31-38 in the first match. The german team played out of their minds and had a great day at work. But if there is a team that can rise to the task we believe that it is the spaniards.

Rhein Neckar Löwen shows excellent form at the moment where they have beaten Barcelona and are going strong in their league at home where they are the supreme leaders. Although they did showcase real strength in the first leg at home I do not expect to see such a great performance again. Gensheimer scored an amazing 14 goals, but unlikely to happen again in such a short time.

Barcelona is the favorite here at home, but are still under immense pressure. They need to not only topple the germans, but by no less than 8 goals in order to advance to the semifinals. For them to be able to do this they need to play solid defence and that is what this Barcelona side is known for. Their front is quite hard to break through, and with Sterbik back they are setup to stop the goals from pouring in like they did in the first game.

We are not as confident in the offensive side though, and while we believe everything is still a toss up on who advances, we would like to posit a bet on goals scored from Rhein Neckar Löwen. With the Barcelona side fired up they are likely to stop most of what is coming at them, and they need to in order to win. We are betting that they show up with a lackluster performance and score less than 28 goals here.

Our Predictions: Rhein Neckar Löwe, under 28 goals (Odds are 1.85 @ Bet365)